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One good place to learn more about our Mississippi River history is at THE RIVER MUSEUM.  Inside exhibits showcase Indians, emplorers, gamblers, adventurers, and steamboat pilots who live and worked on the Mississipppi.  The WILLIAM M. BLACK, a 227- foot vessel is permanetly docked near the museum, and the NATIONAL RIVERS HALL OF FAME, is a facility honoring river heroes like Mark Twain, Lewis & Clark, and inventory Robert Fulton.  The complex forms one of the larest river museums in the country and provides a thrill for anyone who's ever dreamed of following Huck FInn's journey down the Mississippi.  The River Museum is located next to the Mississippi in the Ice Harbor area in downtown Dubuque.  From May to October it si open from 10am - 6:30pm daily.  $7.00 for adults & $3.50 for children!

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