Today I’m sharing my LOVE for flowers!!

Today I’m sharing my LOVE for flowers!! Here are some great ideas to keep the blooms popping at the first sign of spring! The bold colors and leaves on these perennials will take you from the chill of winter to the sunshine of spring: Lose the winter blues by planting playful snowdrops in your garden. These nodding white beauties appear in late winter; Lenton rose or Christmas rose—blooms in late winter to early spring, with bloom color being dependent on the variety. After flowering, the petals fall, but leave behind the bright sepals which can stay attached to the plant for several weeks, or even months in some cases;Unlike other members of the wildflower amily, Anemone blanda has petals that resemble a daisy's. This anemone also blooms earlier than other varieties, appearing as early as March; Bergenia is an early-flowering evergreen that produces clusters of bright lilac-magenta flowers from early spring onward. The hardy perennial has glossy leaves that remain green throughout most of the year; in cooler climates they turn red or bronze in fall; Often seen cascading over walls and rock gardens, Aubretia deltoidea is one of the earliest and most colorful spring-flowering perennials; This spiderwort as brilliant blue flowers and bright yellow foliage in early spring;With large, bubblegum-pink blooms,'Sarah Bernhardt' is one of several very early-blooming peonies (my favorite flower!!

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